The Cougar's Pawn


Ellery Colvard is camping with her friends when they are kidnapped by three men. Ellery is personally taken by Mason Foye, a were-cougar who has two weeks to convince Ellery to stay with him and become his mate or he will change into a cougar and remain that way. As a witch, Ellery tries to use her powers to get her and her friends away from their captors. But something is pulling her to remain with Mason - mainly his son Nick, who clearly needs Ellery’s help. As they spend more time together, Ellery’s feelings for Mason become stronger. Will she agree to be his mate so Mason won’t be forced to stay a cougar forever?

As a story concept, this one is fantastic. The idea that a were-creature must find a mate lest he be forced to remain his animal half forever is a very good one. The characters develop well throughout the book, and as time goes on it’s obvious that Ellery’s feelings are growing for Mason. The addition of Mason’s son brings in that small bit of sensitivity that makes an alpha male all that more irresistible. Unfortunately what brings this book's rating down was the lack of editing. There were many errors throughout the book that could have been caught with proper editing. Aside from those errors, the author has created a good book with a gripping storyline. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick