The Cottage


Owen Beaumont is transported three hundred years into the future, but can't figure out what happened and is worried he will never get back to his own time. Theodora Barebone is a house flipper who goes to Scotland and finds Wayfarer's Cottage. She knows that she can make some decent money off it, but she finds the unexpected — Owen Beaumont! Owen is stuck between purgatory 1667 and 2017. He and Theo start to try to piece together what is going on when their feelings for one another. Will Owen be taken from her and thrown back to his own time or worse?

“The Cottage” has a unique storyline that will keep the reader hostage until the end. Both characters are strong and the differences between them are great. However, as the book progresses, there is some sexual tension and a need for them to be together that will have everyone rooting for them. The plot moves at an even pace and with the added mystery, makes this a fascinating read. There are some aspects that could have been sped up and more description used but these are the only issues. The descriptions of the Scottish Isle are perfect and transport the reader straight to that location. A must read for fantasy romance fans!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick