The Coming of Arabella (The Mediterranean Trilogy Book 2) 



Barbara is a mermaid whose transition into the human world was painful at best.  Abandoned by the man she was to marry, and left without resources, she is now a successful business woman on the threshold of a new life with the man of her dreams. That is, until her twin sister Arabella comes from the ocean with the intention of ruining her life.

“The Coming of Arabella” is not a romance in the usual sense, but more a story of one woman’s journey to self-empowerment and an examination of love in all its forms. Against a backdrop of a culture where women are valued only because of their youth and beauty, Barbara must learn her own value as a woman. 

The story references the previous book in the series quite a bit and the reader would do well to read it first; this book’s major weakness is that it does not stand as a complete story on its own.  The sometimes frustratingly one-dimensional supporting characters are tedious in the early part of the book, but if the reader is patient it becomes clear that they serve to represent a meaningful juxtaposition between the superficial values of society and the deeper internal values that Barbara learns on her journey to self-fulfillment. “The Coming of Arabella” is a story of spiritual awakening with some very thought-provoking ideas.

Gwenellen Tarbet