Code Black (Paranormal Crimes Division #1)


Wanting to catapult her career to become a legitimate journalist, tabloid columnist Serefina Benenati is in hot pursuit to nail down the facts of a recent unsolved murder.

When a chance win at a poker game delivers special agent Talon Rede’s unregistered contact information, she thinks she’s struck gold for an exclusive scoop but finds her interview quickly shut down. Determined to flesh out the case, and hunt down the details surrounding the mysterious gruesome creatures, she discovers that the murders are a smokescreen concealing something larger. Now with Sera as the sole survivor of recent attacks, Talon will have to use every resource available to protect the only witness he has. With more than her life at stake, can Sera trust Talon to keep her safe?


A unique mash up of all things paranormal, readers are treated to the unique crafting of a crime stopping force comprised of shapeshifters, vampires, and god-like beings! 

Reader’s looking to fulfill their Alpha male, bonded-mate desires will not be disappointed, as Ms. Moss fills the pages beginning to end with hot and hunky males. 

However, while some readers may find themselves comparing the similarities of another popular series that also includes a quirky and snarky disembodied voice named Guy, one will quickly discern their unique differences as well. Additionally, while some may find minor editing errors to be a nuisance, the overall reader will breeze past them without breaking stride. Ms. Moss delivers an action-packed, suspenseful romance that will keep a reader turning the pages!


Stephanie Lodes