Cloaked in Secrecy (The Wulfkin Legacy #2)


Alena Novac lives with her father and twin brother, Nicolai, in the circus that is also home to her father’s pack. Bound by a blood curse to her brother, they must protect each other from harm. When Nicolai is arrested by the local police as a suspected murderer, the pack is forced into action to protect one of their own from the scrutiny of an Interpol agent and a stranger from the ruling family of the wulfkin, Enre Ulf. Enre comes not from the Varlac, but knows he must protect the wulfkin secrets for all of their kind. He must also protect his heart from the vixen who has captured the attention of both his human side and his wolf. 


Truly intriguing, the story covers a web of plot lines that intersect within the scorching hot link of Alena and Enre’s wolves. Drawn to each other in the heat of danger, they cannot help but continue to intertwine their lives until they become inseparable. Action and romance, blended with emotional turmoil, sweep together to create a marvelous read!  While not the first in the series, this story stands alone, yet draws the reader to want to read the previous novel and those yet to come. From pack dynamics to interpersonal relationships Ms. Walsh paints a truly beautiful picture with her words. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto