Cloaked in Blood (The Wulfkin Legacy #3)


Marcin Ulf is the Hungarian Wulfkin next in line to become Varlac Emperor. Marcin has spent years biding his time, growing his pack and waiting to strike his father down. Plans speed up when he discovers he is to be matched with Selena Kurt, his teenage love and the daughter of their biggest enemy. Selena has never gotten over Marcin or his betrayal. However, to save herself and her sister from a worse fate, she agrees. What once was her dream has now become a mockery. Before they can finish their mating ceremony, they are thrown into a tournament where they must battle to save Marcin’s brother and a female alpha. Will they be able to leave their history behind them and work together for a common cause, or will their past dictate their future?

Sexy alpha shifters, fast-paced action, intrigue, maniacal politicians! “Cloaked in Blood” delivers on all accounts. Selena’s stubbornness and wit is matched by only that of Marcin’s, making every interaction both frustrating and endearing. Ms. Walsh takes the reader on a journey filled with longing, heartache and healing for not only the main characters, but their family as well. Though the villains fall a bit flat in characterization other secondary characters more than make up for that loss. Filled with vivid imagery and smart dialogue, “Cloaked in Blood” will pull the reader in from page one and not let go. The Wulfkin Legacy is a series must-read!

Amelia Kitch