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Sometime during the early days after their creation, Vampires split into two factions, the Light and the Dark.  The Light vampires united with the witches to fight against the evil of the dark faction. Kaitriana was born to be the ‘Chosen’, a Witch of Light with the power of all seven castes of witches.  Prophecy has said that she will unite with the most powerful warrior vampire of the Light; and together they will lead the war to defeat the magic of the Dark.   

Before she is able to fully come into her power and begin to fulfill the prophecy, however, she is betrayed by one of her own and is made vampire.  When she awakens from her transition, she seeks the vampire Lorcan, who is the key to fulfilling her destiny.  He also knows that Kat is his fated mate, and that it is his duty to protect and aid her. As her powers as a witch continue to grow, he teaches her the vampire side of her nature.  They prepare to be mated, and also prepare for war.  

There was a lot of thought put into this plot line, and a great amount of intricate world building.  There was much potential to the story. Unfortunately, the plot was confusing; and the book often veered off the main storyline and into the mundane. Far too much time was spent on Lorcan and Kat’s bickering and bantering as they got to know each other, which drew the reader out of the narrative.  By the time they were finally united in their common goal and as a couple; a good deal of reader interest in the eventual outcome of their quest was lost.

 Faith Turner