Cherry Bomb (A Keystone Novel Book 2)


Having three unruly brothers is bad enough; but when all three of those trouble-making brothers go missing at the same time it’s a nightmare.  Add to the fact that those three brothers are somehow linked to the attacks of three local women, and it's time to bring in older sister Cherry Newman.  Her experience with the Keystone Detective agency is a vital element to solving the crimes and finding her brothers.


Jericho Trewes is a member of the rival pack that Cherry suspects of having a hand in recent events.  Handsome yet achingly vulnerable, he may prove to be the key to unraveling the mystery and saving lives.  Her heart tells her there is more to Jericho than meets the eye: but can she trust both her family and her pack’s future to her instincts?

“Cherry Bomb” is a fun read for those looking for light escapism and some great sexual tension.  Ms. Michelau’s prose is awkward at times and the story arc between Cherry and Jericho is predictable.  As a shifter-story, Ms. Michelau offers nothing new or original.  This is an author whose technical skills need to grow into her talent.

The story’s strength resides in the fact that it is a mystery that captures the imagination and the timing of the revelations keep the reader guessing through until the unpredictable conclusion.  Read this book for the mystery.  It won’t disappoint.

Gwenellen Tarbe