B. Kristin

A carnelian stone. And maybe a dab of blood. Is that all that’s keeping Mari from her true love? Okay, maybe thousands of years of time separating the two might have something to do with it. But what are a few years when time travel is possible? 

Somewhere between Minneapolis and ancient Egypt, Mari and Seth know they belong together—a visit from one sparkly goddess confirms it. College sure seems trivial when faced with the daunting spans of time and cultural differences, but without a stone to send Mari back, how can she ever be with the man she loves? 

“Carnelian” leaves the reader aching to believe in it. Page after page leaves the reader hoping—with crossed fingers—that the story will pull through but it just doesn’t crest the ridge. It offers so much, with unique story lines and fantasy elements, but the reader is constantly kicked out of the “story bubble” when faced with numerous editing problems and unnecessary story lines. Augh!!! A great story is just right there! All that is needed are two really great editors: one for line editing and one for content. With a focused and tidy presentation this series could reach its true potential. Please keep trying and make that little extra effort. It’s just right there!

Sofia St. Angeles