Cade (Le Beau Brothers #1)


Freshly divorced, Anna James sets out for New Orleans to rebuild and start her life afresh, never expecting to run into the nameless dream man she’s fantasized about for five long years. Thanks to a little intervention, Cade Le Beau is about to get his second chance at finding his mate. But when the mob and Anna’s vengeful ex-husband begin stalking her, will Cade be able to keep his mate safe?


Fans of shifter romance will not be disappointed as the story leaps into action within the first few pages! The premise of Anna and Cade’s dream sharing for five years provides the reader with the much needed foundation of believability when Anna and Cade jump feet first into their relationship. The author provides relatable qualities in her heroine as well; from starting over post-divorce, to worrying over her self-image at being plus sized. Readers will also enjoy Cade’s eager acceptance of Anna’s voluptuous curves, his sweet Cajun endearments, as well as his influence in rebuilding Anna’s self-esteem. However, some may become exasperated by Anna’s choice at remaining in a faithless marriage, her childlike intrigue on becoming a shifter, along with her son’s nonchalant acceptance in learning of his mother’s new form. Readers may be left yearning for more, as early on a thick layer of predictability blankets the storyline and detracts from the suspense of the climax. Overall, with Anna and Cade’s story setting the foundation, many shifter enthusiasts will rally behind Ms. Dold for the continuing Le Beau series!


Stephanie Lodes