Burned To A Crisp (A Gingerbread Hag Mystery)


PARANORMAL:  A little town in Washington State, Enumclaw is home to Hedy Leckermaul who owns a bakery that creates strange confections. Hedy plays host to a collection of animals, a ghost and offers her home to any supernatural creatures who require a place to stay. Which means the bakery usually has an interesting host of characters staying at it. A generally tranquil place, the town is thrown into disarray when an arsonist strikes and an abduction happens in the small town. Hedy must work hard to figure out what's going on and help someone close to her before everything she has is lost. It's a race against time.

A cool and creepy story, perfect for cuddling under a blanket in the cold season with some sweets and a hot beverage. There is so much happening in this book, and K.A. Miltimore writes it perfectly. The story is interesting and unique, with fun creatures from mythology and the author’s own imagination. If the bakery in this book existed, it would be absolutely amazing. The best word to describe this book is quirky. Quirky bakery and quirky characters. The dialogue is well written, and the descriptions are such that readers will find themselves able to smell the delectable treats Hedy offers. This is an absolute must read with an even plot and truly awesome mystery thrown in. There will definitely be no disappointment with this little gem!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick