Body and Soul

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Sylvia and Stephen cannot be on farther ends of their belief systems, especially when it comes to magic. Sylvia can communicate with spirits and cast simple spells, where Stephen is dead set against anything occult and staunchly exist in the rational world. They have not seen each other in years, but when a string of ritualistic homicides falls into Stephen’s lap, he seeks Sylvia’s assistance. Meanwhile, Sylvia knows, and fears, more than she is letting on, and is desperately attempting to fight her long-held feelings toward Stephen. Meanwhile, he is both trying to figure himself out and trying to win Sylvia’s forgiveness at the same time. When Sylvia is kidnapped, Stephen is forced to reevaluate all his beliefs to face a truth far more terrifying than either anticipated.

A stay up all night, hardly daring to breathe trek into the world of the occult, superstition, magic and destiny! Seeing the difference between the hero and heroine is splendid especially when considering the revelations and growth exhibited by the hero. The story does need more backstory to help readers understand the dynamics of both the relationship and the evil that chases them. Without it readers are left guessing and sometimes confused. Still, the characters and present world-building create a place where words fall away and only images are left; where the reader is fully invested and wants to continue forward at a heart-pounding pace. Sewing in cultural themes, quirks, and patterns into a carefully crafted storyline is both daring and risky but pays off in a huge way here. Will be read again!

Yannie Sorensen