Blackbird Falling (A Blackbird Summer Novel)


FANTASY/GOTHIC:  Delia Calibre has been through hell. Hurt beyond comprehension and left by the man she thought loved her, she has vowed never to let it happen again. With her daughter Genevieve, dating is not exactly something she can do. When her ex returns and begs her to take him back, she tells him it's going to take a lot more than an apology. When her daughter is kidnapped and her sister left dying, Delia must fight hard to get her family back together. Will she be able to bring those she loves back and will she give Thomas the second chance he yearns for?

The concept of this book is an interesting one and it grips the reader from the very first page. Em Shotwell has given her readers an array of interesting and dynamic characters that they will carry with them for a while after reading this book. Family means a lot in this book and there are some good life lessons within the story that some might find helpful in their own lives. There is a small hint of cliché with the ex coming back and begging forgiveness but this is a small negative. It gives the book a sense of realism despite being in the paranormal romance genre. Whether one has read books by this author before or this is the first time, there is a lot to enjoy and is a great read for those cold nights of winter. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick