Black Magic Man


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Solange Esnard (Lange) is happily married to Rupert. While waiting outside for her husband one day, she comes upon a man who disturbs her, makes her uncomfortable and has a sense of cruelty about him. When he enters her personal space and she asks him to leave, he refuses. Ever since she was a child, she has known about the Black Magic Man and their powers. After this chance encounter, strange things begin to happen and Lange must find a way to deal with the the very strong, real powers of the Black Magic Man.


Jean Louis is a sorcerer and under the instruction of the Master Magician. His talents have been somewhat in remission until he sets eyes on the beautiful Solange. He wants herhe MUST have her, and that desire has brought his abilities back to the forefront, with added bonus powers. It will take everything he has and every power at his beck and call to convince Lange that she encompasses the spirit of his long lost love and that she must be his.


Black magic and voodoooh my! Ms. Ephraime has an amazing handle on the occult. Unfortunately, there are some editing problems, such as word redundancy within the same paragraphs, and things such as police man instead of policeman. The story and characters are lacking in depth, and doesnt give the reader much ability to connect. Be aware, there is a scene of sexual violation that readers might find disturbing. If one is a fan of the good vs. evil trope, and the occult, one will find this story right up ones alley.


Lynne Bryant