Black Dalliances (A Blushing Death Novel)

Suzanne M.

The Blushing Death, better known to most as Dahlia Sabin has returned to her home and the people she loves. Unfortunately, her abrupt disappearance and prolonged absence have damaged the trust she had with both her vampires and wolves. Dean, leader of the pack, wraps her in a warm hug of welcome, yet Patrick, head of the vamps, holds her at an icy distance. Her return coincides with a pact with the American Sidhe and she soon finds herself ensnared in a plot that involves the King, Saeran. Through her humanity, bonds with her wolf and vampire, and the magic that makes her, Dahlia will fight to save those she loves, giving things she cannot regain over to a greater magic than she has ever known. 


This is the fifth novel in the Blushing Death series. It is alarming that the similarities between these novels and both of Laurrell K. Hamilton’s series (Anita Blake and Meredith Gentry) have not been pointed out prior to now. Originality is fully missing from the character dynamics presented amongst the wolves, vampires, and fae. Alarmingly, the exuberance of mythologies and fantasy worlds collides like asteroids in a storm, mashing together and breaking apart. A nod to Russian folklore only adds to the confusion, even though it seems to be an attempt to define the leading lady. Alas, one would hope that at this stage, there would be no need for descriptions of characters. Highly recommended that the reader start series from the beginning, with “Pool of Crimson”. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto