Black Bullet (The Order of the Senary #2)


Jon Kerr is half vampire, half human, and all soldier. Currently attached to the Senary, a covert Order of the U.S. government, he seeks to eradicate the leeches (aka vampires) from the New York area. He would especially like to destroy Regin Ramsden, twin brother to his inadvertent sire, who hides in the recesses of his mind. Lawan Knight is a woman on a mission - a mission to destroy vampires, each and every one, but especially Regin Ramsden, who tortured and almost destroyed her. Stumbling across each other on a sweep for leeches, Jon sees a compatriot, but Lawan sees only another monster and is blinded by the fact Jon is a vampire, even though he doesn’t act like the rest. 


"Black Bullet" is a wild and crazy adventure that involves a variety of supernatural characters. The hybrids are the primary soldiers of the Senary, but Jon is a part of their Order by circumstances that were not fully within his control. These characters are highly intriguing and more insight into them would be appreciated. The beginning of the story, while action packed, is a tad bit confusing due to the back story and character types that are not presented fully. Once this stumbling block is conquered, the story is a nonstop journey through the seedy underbelly of deceit, lust, and revenge. The romance is steamy, the bond of love as strong as the tungsten restraints. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto