Better Off Dead

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Lily Harper is a normal, regular person, leading a normal regular life.  Not really pretty, not really slim, and when we meet her, not really exciting, either.  All that changes one rainy night when she accidentally plows into another vehicle and lands in the way station to heaven - a sort of DMV for sorting.  Problem is, she’s not supposed to be there. Her guardian angel should have saved her from that accident, not let her die!  In order to fix that mistake, the Powers that Be offer Lily an alternative:  pick a new body (Yay!) and work as a retriever of lost souls while finishing her allotted time on earth.  Little does Lily know that this assignment is much more dangerous that she ever imagined.  Between fighting demons and finding souls, she must also fight her attraction to her mentor, Tallis Black, the most mouth-watering kilt-wearing male she has ever known!   Sometimes it seems she really would be better off dead.

The premise of this book is completely unique and delightful!  Lily is an every-woman who gets the chance to re-do her life with a smoking hot body and an even hotter hunk - who wouldn't jump at the chance to do that!  Her guardian angel sidekick is hilarious and threatens to steal the show every time he opens his (rather racy) mouth.  The sexual tension is palpable and the promise of a great series is strong. That’s the problem - it is only a promise.  Everything is set up wonderfully, but nothing really happens here.  There isn’t a definite arc, climax and HEA, just a slow build...  Still it is well worth the read, if for the humor alone and it really does look to be a great series!


Ruth Lynn Ritter