The Beginning; The Four Bk. 1

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Clare has had a very good life.  She grew up in a wonderful little town with parents who love her and four of the best friends anyone could wish for.  The only thing marring her life is the nightmares.  They have always been there, scary and somehow very real.  As the years pass, Clare discovers that her friends are also plagued with the same nightmares.  The friends decide to research and discover all their dreams revolve around their ancestors and a strange and terrifying past.   They also discover one of those strangers from the past is alive and well - and following them.  Do they have the courage to learn of their future and confront their destinies?

Overall, this looks like a promising series.  The basis is definitely a good one.  Although not particularly unique, the idea of 4 friends, each possessing power handed down through the ages that must be learned and used, is interesting.  However, the writing in the story is a real problem.  Most is told rather than shown and a very large part of this short book is spent in completely useless information that has nothing to do with the actual plot.  The sentences are short and little time is spent drawing into any depth.  Once their history is discovered, the plot picks up slightly but soon after the story quits.  It doesn’t end, it just quits, right in the middle of the plot.  Hopefully things can pick up in future installments.

Ruth Lynn Ritter