Beast Within (Beasty, #1)

Tyffani Clark

Luna Grace is not a big fan of Hollywood, so she's not really over the moon when her friend drags her to Gabriel Slade's party. After all, Gabriel represents everything that she despises. So, when she gets there, she finds a quiet spot and simply watches. Until a handsome man joins her and sweeps her of her feet (almost). His tiny flaw: he is, in fact, Gabriel Slade. 

Gabriel can't believe it - he has finally found the one - the one who finally breaks his curse. In a situation like that, love has no place. And yet...


The story is ageless - good and evil, curses that have to be broken, and love. Gabriel’s character makes it really stand out. He is definitely no Prince Charming - he is growly and charm is not one of his virtues, but he still loves deeply and can be so gentle. As for Luna, there are some issues with her behavior:  her character has mood swings that definitely don't endear one to her, nor did those extreme highs and lows fit her image. She is portrayed as a strong, confident woman, and yet it seems she can never make up her mind. The story itself, as mentioned, is not terribly original, but it still catches the reader's attention. A word of caution: the book doesn't end on a good note, and it’s a cliffhanger. The plot is presumably resolved in the sequel. It one does not mind these cautions, this story delivers as an action filled read for anyone fond of curses, magic and the eternal battle against evil!


Ana Smith