Bear Hearts (The Animal in Me Series Book 2)


Dr. Elizabeth Montrose has a rare form of cancer and is working with the military to discover why shifters don’t get sick and why they heal faster. Working under pressure and a push for immediate answers, she’s not only conflicted but in pain as she tries to find the solution. When shifter Martin Kruger arrives to save his clan members and informs her she’s the mate he’s been searching over two hundred years for, Elizabeth finds she is faced with more than her research to contend with. However, secrets come to light that not only threaten their relationship, but also their lives.  


This paranormal romance is a fresh and unique spin on the typical shifter tale with the inclusion of a military aspect. Starting out a little slow as the necessary background is introduced, this fast-paced story quickly immerses the reader and has one on the edge of their seat as the pages turn rapidly. The second book in “The Animal in Me Series”, it nevertheless stands alone with a solid and well-written plot, detailed descriptions, and great dialogue. The well-defined characters, along with the twists and turns, keep the reader entertained as one travels the emotional roller coaster of the novel. Appealing to paranormal, shifter, and romance lovers, this book is a must read that captivates and intrigues as it leaves one feeling satisfied.


Janna Shay