To Baile Do Cailleach: Volume 1 (Sydney Witch Series)


Adrianna Randall is a witch and a healer. The one problem she has is that she cannot control the power she has when it comes to fire. When she meets James Douglass, he literally runs into her with his car. As they get to know one another, their feelings begin to deepen. Adrianna can heal animals and plants. She must learn to harness her power over fire but it is difficult when she is not popular in her coven with questions over her relation to hanged witch Elizabeth Randall. As she fights to get that question answered, she feels herself falling in love with James.

Kathrine Leannan has written a fun and witty story with engaging characters. There are laugh out loud moments and the banter between Adrianna and James is brilliant. “To Baile Do Cailleach” which means "to home for witch" is a short read that can be read in about an hour. The short length takes nothing away from the story. As the first book in this particular series, it will be exciting to see where the story goes from here and readers will want be excited for the books that come next. A delightfully fun book not to be missed! 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick