Autumn Magic (The Thorne Witches # 2)


Autumn Thorne is a witch. She has always known about her powers and that one day she will find her soul mate. The fates aren't kind, however, when Keaton Carlyle, the love of her life, rejects her. Nine years later irony bites hard when Autumn is faced with training Keaton and his young daughter to harness their newly unleashed powers. Keaton realizes that he made a huge mistake years ago. He has never forgotten Autumn and he wants another chance. When Autumn must go on a dangerous mission to steal a powerful mystical object, Keaton volunteers to join her. What seems simple enough nearly costs them both their lives. While Autumn and Keaton move forward in their relationship, the danger isn't over, and each will have to risk all to find the love they seek.

"Autumn Magic" is paranormal romance at its best. With a blend of romance, magic, suspense and humor, T.M. Cromer keeps readers hanging onto each page. The characters are engaging and well developed. Autumn resonates as a young woman badly hurt by the man she loved. For that reason, it took time to warm up to Keaton and watch him redeem himself over the course of the story. While this book is a stand alone, the reader would benefit from more detail as to relationships when new characters are introduced or background when past events are referred to. Even so, it is impossible to read "Autumn Magic" without wanting to pick up the other books in this entertaining and promising series!

Tricia Hill