From the Ashes (Forbidden Love #4)


A vampire clan with a pregnant dragon, necromancer, psychic, faes, and witches round out the Knight family. Antonio is dead, but he’s about to make a comeback with the help of a beautiful weather girl named Macy. Jacque is one foibled vamp with his mate somewhere other than in his arms and his days filled with trying to figure out the messages Antonio is sending from the beyond. Leigh is about to sprout Rebel’s dragon baby and Merrick is back to have his revenge.

“From the Ashes” is a multiple play of romance and action. Readers who have followed the series will be pleased to see all the characters present and accounted for. Jacque and Frankie’s story battles with Antonio and May’s bittersweet romance, but the threads are eventually woven together. The family ties between vamp brothers and their mates are entertaining. The ride gets a little too real when the antagonist exacts his revenge, but it points the way to the only ending possible for Antonio having his eternal mate. The strength in Ms. James writing is her characterization: each one is very different, and gets a time slot in the primary role. Unfortunately, too much head hopping within scenes pulls the reader from the action, especially during the love scenes. With a large cast and layered love stories it may splinter a reader’s focus. 

Ms. James has a definitive voice and a solid foundation set for her vampire family. Readers will have to wait for Gage’s HEA, but assuredly it’s in the works. 

Natasza Waters