Angel Rising (Brethren Series Book 4)


Hannah Livingston, just weeks from her 36th birthday and on the precipice of her transformation into an immortal Brethren warrior, finds herself grappling with life.  Working alongside Brethren Protector Gabriel Seeker gives her the chance to do more than just manage Gabriel’s life. She is afforded the opportunity to work in the field alongside Gabriel, rescuing children who have been kidnapped by sex traffickers. Life starts to become problematic however, when her interdependent relationship with Gabriel starts to become complicated by suppressed sexual feelings. Add in the factor that she is stalked by Satan himself, and life becomes nothing short of catastrophic. 


This innovative take on the paranormal angelic world is an action-packed story that not only encompasses the supernatural world of angels and demons, but also the corporeal world of sex traffickers and their victims. Ms. Remiel takes the sensitive and disturbing topic of the human trafficking of children and weaves it with compassion and finesse into a supernatural romance that instills hope and deliverance by way of avenging and protecting angels. Intense, containing an array of transgressions, this novel brings forth both pleasant and disturbing emotions while keeping the reader on the edge of their seat. Progressing a little too fast at times, the reader is nonetheless rewarded with a well-constructed plot, strongly defined characters, and palpable sexual chemistry that keep the pages turning. The struggle of good and evil, along with seduction and desire blend masterfully together to make this deeply emotional romance a worthy addition to any library.


Janna Shay