The year was 1551 when pirates decimated the Ortiz family. In 2009 the only survivors are Andromeda and Perseus, who seek only to live as they are - vampires among humanity. As twins they share a unique bond forged by birth, strengthened by the skill of the vampire senses. Only through their bond can they face the demon of their past, Captain Damien Anastase. 


Vampires, black magic, voodoo, deep southern values, pirates, psychic communication; the amount of adventure that could abound should be unlimited!  Alas, snippets of brilliance get blanketed in a fog of misplaced intentions and ineffective writing technique. The prologue opens a wide door for wild adventures, then the plot falls into a predictable situation - one knows what has come to haunt the siblings.  Andromeda and Perseus are a very dynamic set of characters, unfortunately they are not given a large amount of time to shine and grow in the eyes of the reader. The concept of a 400 year old virgin screams intrigue yet falls stagnant, bogged down in unnecessary definition. The romance is flat, lacking a level of emotion that connects the characters and the reader to the story. An utter shame, as the characters are begging to be fulfilled! 

The attempt to weave destiny with desire falls flat, leaving a tale only partially told. More back story, stronger character development, and an outlined plot would send the tale of Andromeda into the stars. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto