The Adventures of Larson and Garett: Epic the First (The Adventures of Larson & Garrett 1 – 10)


EPIC FANTASY:  Godly forces collide, a daemon bestows great power on wicked men in exchange for worship and evil has permeated the once great country of Ruvoinia. During this time of war and chaos, an unlikely duo, Larson and Garrett, find friendship and connect with the elves, dwarves and the orcs, banding together and joining Prince Roan’s cause - to vanquish that evil before it gains enough worshipers to ascend as the new God of Destruction. 

This epic fantasy tale takes place in a fascinating world and is full of strong, bold characters that easily grab hold of readers’ imaginations! Although the story is thrilling and full of suspense, readers may find it somewhat challenging to read as the pace of the story fluctuates between a slower steady pace to a really fast pace during any action scenes. Also, most of the story is written as an adventurous tale with readers taking in events as they occur, but at other times readers feel as if they are reading a journal or chronicle of events. The conclusion of this story takes place after the first major battle takes place and readers understand that there are more battles to come. That being said, the story is engaging and full of suspenseful and exciting trials that will keep readers glued to the pages, and the interactions and dialogue between the characters add a bit of fun and laughter to this intense and serious story.

E.L. Hurley