Absolute Surrender (Fallen Guardian #1)

Georgia Lyn

Echo Carter has the ability to pinpoint demons, or demonii, by the red aura surrounding them.  When a demonii kills her friend Tamsyn, Echo is determined to hunt them down.  But there is more to Echo than meets the eye. When a demonii named Lazaar attacks her and tries to abduct her to the Demon Realm, she is rescued by Aethan, and taken to their Oracle for healing.  She is also being hunted by another demon named Andras, who is looking for a powerful mortal psychic - one who holds the key to his gaining power over all the realms. 

Aethan is a 3,000 year old Immortal Guardian.  When he first sees Echo after she has killed a demonii, there is an immediate attraction between them, even though Aethan knows that it is forbidden for Guardians to mate with humans.  The Archangel Michael orders the Guardians to find a very special human who is psychic and has immense powers which are just coming to fruition.  To protect her after her attack, Athean takes Echo to the castle where all the Guardians live.  Is Echo the Oracle, the powerful psychic and ‘Healer of the Realms’ that that the Guardians have been looking for?


This book started out quite interesting, with some nice action scenes.  Unfortunately,  it soon drifted into the mundane. There were long scenes about not much of anything, with an overload of personal drama.  The story jumps around quite a bit, and there is just too much going on, often leaving the reader puzzled.  The world building is well laid out, however; and with  tighter editing to cut out some of the clutter, this could easily be a winning Paranormal Romance series.  


Faith Turner