Yours Affectionately, Jane Austen

Smith O'Rourke
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TIME TRAVEL:  Fitz Darcy comes alive as he interacts with Eliza Knight and Robert Simmons, three characters with distinct wants and dreams -- and timelines. Darcy vividly remembers the days with Jane from the prequel to this book, but she has encouraged him to return through the time portal to his own world back to his own time with a romantic recommendation to find true love, advice he's not sure he can follow. With Eliza on his arm at the annual Rose Ball, held at his Pemberly Farms in Virginia, magic of the romantic sort inevitably happens. 

Meanwhile, Jane remembers Darcy as well.  Her less private memories are shared by her brother's stable hand, Robert Simmons, who dreams of elevating his position in life, believing Mr. Darcy can help. Miss Jane reveals the secret of how Darcy can.

Every Jane Austen fan wants the romance to continue and in this novel, Sally Smith O'Rourke grants that wish!  With three distinct story lines, the reader must tenaciously read on, rather than putting the book down, to satisfy their hunger for the story to resolve, which it does in characteristically Jane Austen fashion but with more than one surprise that Jane nor the historians have ever shared. O'Rourke saves the possibilities of creating a paradox in this time-travel until the end, allowing the reader full scope of one's fancy with reckless abandon. She satisfies the need for more Jane Austen without boring the reader with redundancy and the seemingly disconnected story lines are wrapped tight in the end. Well Done!

Erin Murdock