What Happened to Anna?

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Andrea and John are a happily married couple who move into a charming old house in a small town. Both of them are thrilled with the thought of making it theirs. It seems like life is perfect. Then Andrea discovers an old box in the attic with a picture box of a woman whose resemblance to Andrea is remarkable.  Andrea slowly becomes obsessed with finding out more about the woman – Anna. It becomes even more important when they realize that there is a ghost in the house, a rather hostile ghost whose secrets are deadly.
This story shows promise, there are some twists and turns in the book that came out of the blue that were totally unpredictable!  However, there were serious issues with the writing. The story is choppy and somewhat off-putting. It was told from the third person point of view, much like an observing spectator telling the reader everything that is happening, from the character’s actions to the way they feel. Unfortunately it leaves the actual “feeling” part out by writing it in this way.  Andrea’s character is impetuous, immature and too stubborn to admit that she’s wrong, even when knowing  the house isn’t healthy. True, it comes to a point where she doesn’t have a choice anymore, but her attitude antagonizes the reader from the very beginning. If only her husband’s character was stronger, things would’ve read better for everyone. If not for these writing glitches, this could have been a very interesting story.
Ana Smith