A Veil of Glass and Rain: Special Edition


NEW ADULT:  Brina and Eagan have been friends since their childhood. Their parents are all photographers, traveling the world and have been friends for many years. A special bond was formed between the children which grows deeper into their adult lives. Although miles and circumstances keep them apart, they know they can always count on each other to be there when they are needed. They are best friends and even consider themselves family, their bond is so strong. Brina is a musician and finishing her schooling in Italy, Eagan ends up with a job in Rome (intentionally) and once again the two are reunited. Brina fell in love with Eagan long ago, but is afraid to act on her feelings and lose her best friend.


This European romance will give readers a trip through ancient and modern day Rome. "A Veil of Glass and Rain" is an engaging story, however there are many editing errors. There are a few scene transitions that are abrupt and may work better with more obvious breaks to change the scenario or point of view. The characters are complex and when their back stories are revealed their personalities are better understood. Brina’s explanation of how they bonded is great; “despite the age difference, diverse nationality, and opposite gender, we were reflections of each other lives.” This is apparent throughout the story. There is a love tug of war which will keep readers engaged to see if the characters land in each other arms. Any romantic who loves to travel will enjoy this book.


Viola Robins