The Underground

Katz Katz

Sometimes in the future, there is a book that’s forbidden and only whispered about, called The Reminder of Truth. What truth, you may ask? The truth of equality, a memory of times when there were no Parties of Availability, no Queen with her harsh laws. When men could freely walk the streets, unafraid of being dragged off and castrated…  Nathaniel, sadly, can’t even imagine it.  At 25, Nathaniel would be one year away from a necessary castration had he not found a fiancée, a woman he doesn’t want. Then he meets Shayla, his boss, and starts thinking… maybe there is a better life.  The Underground, a secret organization, can help him gain it.

Shayla may be the Queen’s daughter, but she is nothing like her, to Her Majesty’s disappointment. Progressive and quick to speak on behalf of men, she wants changes. After meeting Nathaniel, and falling for him, her beliefs strengthen - until he disappears…

Ilana Katz Katz haswoven an original and interesting story. Definitely not one a reader will easily put down! However, there were a few glitches. One was the believability of the world building. Is it really possible for men to become so subservient in a few generations? How was it accomplished? Also, the romance seemed rushed. Still, the plot and the characters were very interesting,  and the storyline has an important message - Listen up, ladies! No matter how much we sometimes wish men would  always cook, clean and wash the dishes (surely, every woman has had the thought at least once!), it’s important to remember that some fantasys may carry a high cost.. Equal Rights and Justice for all People

Mimi Smith