Tuscan Time


TIME TRAVEL: After she’s transported back to 1902 through a painting in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Gabriella D’Angelo, a chef from an Italian restaurant in Chicago, finds herself in a dire situation in Tuscany, Italy before she is miraculously saved by the handsome John (Jack) Henry Langsford. Gaby tries to not let herself get distracted by Jack while she’s on a mission to get back to present-day Chicago through solving the mystery of the artist Marco Allegretto’s painting. Jack seems to be in the same predicament with his Gaby distraction. After just being disowned as the Earl of Witton and Marquess of Bainbridge, Jack is forced to live with his Aunt Kitty in Italy. Now his plan is to marry heiress Cynthia Maxwell to become noble again. However, the chemistry and passion between Gaby and Jack may just be the end for both of their plans.

This riveting novel about time-travel is something readers have never seen before. It’s sexy, mysterious, and passionate, driving readers to want to sidle up right beside Gaby as she encounters this whole new world, while being distracted by a brooding Londoner. Readers get a passionate love story, a unique plotline, likable characters, and a perfectly paced plot. Unfortunately, the story is sometimes too light-hearted, and readers may be stuck searching for more depth or conflict surrounding the protagonists’ individual problems which just aren’t there beyond surface-level concerns. Otherwise, this book is a lovely read that really allows readers to sink into the mystery and root for Gaby and Jack to get together. Readers who love passionate romances mixed with time-travelling historical novels should pick this up.

Austen Grace