Time's Tempest (The Chronicles of Xannia #1)


SCIENCE FICTION: Something is wrong with the planet of Xannia. Earthquakes are becoming more and more frequent, and the supply of verrin in the water, which is essential to life on the planet, is disappearing. When a Prophet organizes a trip into the deserts in search of an ancient city that might hold clues to saving the planet, Contractor Jutaya Fyce is forced into being the guide. However, the desert has a way of unveiling many secrets, some of which the government doesn’t want revealed. It will take Fate and all of Jutaya’s training to discover the truth and keep both Jutaya and the alluring prophet alive to tell the tale.


A Sci-Fi Adventure with an undercurrent of romance, “Time’s Tempest” is one of the best reads a reader can pick up this month. The characters are complex: they have flaws and strengths and stick to their beliefs, only changing their opinions after properly learning something contrary and thinking about it. Despite all the travel, the story keeps a quick pace, with action, drama, and dialogue mixing well to keep the reader eagerly turning the page. New monsters, mysterious assassins and spies, as well as the mystery behind the planet’s problems are the focus of the conflict, while the truth about Jutaya and the prophet sets the stage for further adventures in the next book (which really needs to come out soon!). The only minor drawback is the influx of new alien words which can be confusing at first. Regardless, this is an excellent must-read!


Sarah E. Bradley