Thursdays at Coconuts


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Suzy is a wedding planner with a spotty track record when it comes to finding her own wedded bliss. Her friend Alex works as marketing director at the local bank. Chronically late, on one particular day she runs into Sgt. Tony Montgomery, a married cop. There is an attraction between the two. Sgt. Montgomery tells Alex that Hope has moved back to town and is now working as a counselor at the same high school where the three ladies met as students. The trio, who are all successful in their respective fields, gather regularly to discuss the circumstances of their lives.


One can’t help but think that this book has a Sex and the City feel to it. All three main characters, as well as their supporting cast, come alive and pull one willingly into this story to commiserate with, root for, and tear up over the events with them as curveballs are thrown – for better and worse. The reader may very well find themselves drawing comparisons to their own lives. There is a hitch however. After everything the girls have been through, the reader might feel slightly cheated by the seemingly rushed ending, but that is for them to decide.


This is a page-turner with strong characters and a plot line that can easily mirror life. It was a pleasure to read! 



Heather R. Nielsen