Three Star Island


TIME TRAVEL/HISTORICAL:  Penelope (Penny) Saunders frequently travels through a time portal. Unfortunately, the last time leaves her stranded three hundred years in the past on Three Star Island for five years. She establishes herself on the edges of town, since most of the town shuns her because of her differences. After a brutal storm, Penny finds herself walking along the seashore when she finds a man, barely alive. She takes him home to nurse him back to health. Once conscious, he reveals he is the infamous pirate, William Payne. Penny has done extensive research on him and is familiar with this bloodthirsty villain. Penny finds Will is a gentle man with regrets. Soon, Penny finds herself in a predicament. She longs for home, but how can she leave Will when he is the love of her life?

“Three Star Island” is a beautiful mix of historical and paranormal genres. This is a fish-out-of-water story with Penelope being said fish. She tries to fit in with the people of the past but cannot control her modern-day mouth with her strange phrases and the fact she curses worse than any pirate. William’s character is well-written with many secrets he is loath to share with Penny, although he has loved her from the very first. Many townspeople populate the story but are one dimensional. Starting out slowly, the story begins to flow and build momentum after the first few chapters. The world building is beautiful and essential to the story. One can smell the sea and feel the hot coastal breezes. A fun read with steamy romance and swashbuckling action through to the very end!

Belinda Wilson