T.E.D.D.I.E. B.E.A.R. in S.P.A.C.E


SCI-FI:  T.E.D.D.I.E. stands for Trusted Educated Deferential Dedicated Inspirational Extrapolator and B.E.A.R. stands for Bearing Extreme Apprehension and Rage. Ti-ber Felix is ship psychiatrist (or Teddie Bear) aboard space flights. His job is to assist scared and overwhelmed crew members with the rigors and uncertainties of space travel. He’s young, but incredibly talented. Except this flight could be a one-way mission and everyone on board knows it. Tensions are high and the stakes are even higher in this rollicking science fiction adventure.

This story is like Winnie the Pooh meets Star Trek. Felix is a strong enough character to carry the story by himself. What a fun and refreshing story to immerse oneself in! There is a lot of telling instead of showing, which steals some of the action away from Felix and his crew members. The point of view sometimes seems omnipotent among the crew, which makes characters appear unreasonably intuitive. Considering the high stakes of the mission, emotions could have been more intense and realistic. The budding romance between Felix and Specialist Zinya is gradual, subtle, and organic. The dialogue is lively and highlights Felix’s quirky personality. And the comradeship between Felix and his childhood friend, and now ship’s Captain, Thames, is well portrayed. Readers who enjoy soft science fiction with memorable characters will enjoy meeting Felix, the T.E.D.D.I.E. B.E.A.R.

Emerson Matthews