Into The Sunrise


WOMEN'S FICTION:  “Dusty” has returned to her father's horse ranch after some bad luck with men. She has been around horses her entire life and is amazing with the animals. Upon her return her loveless father is just the same as he was when she left ten years ago. Her childhood friend (and one she has always looked up to) is Chase. Her father had hired him on as a teenager and he still works and lives on the ranch, in a home he built for his now ex-wife. Chase was given strict orders to stay away from Dusty and have no involvement with her EVER.  However their hearts got involved and their chemistry is unstoppable….now what? 

“Into the Sunrise” is filled with heart-pounding scenarios and tear-jerking emotions. What a wild ride Ms. Jane takes readers on, right from the start! Horseracing fanatics will thoroughly enjoy this read and non-horse fans may start to fancy them. The start of the book is a bit bumpy, but once the scene is set the plot takes off like wild horses. There is some predictability but the creative writing and character development along the way is so well done that readers will not want the story to end. The deception and the trials overcome by two ‘parentless’ kids is a wonderful subplot. The fostering and nurturing of horses and children brings the book to a whole different level. Very enjoyable read, just keep the tissue box close! 

Viola Robins