Stolen by My Knave (Linked Across Time #6)


TIME TRAVEL:  Lady Elizabeth Kendall and her twin brothers grew up listening to the amusing tales of time travel told by their mother. As she grows older, Elizabeth wonders if the stories are as fictional as she thought. Once grown and of debutante age, Elizabeth meets the handsome Jackerson Morgan Carwyn, Duke of Whitewood, at a countryside retreat. Although the Duke is a confirmed bachelor, she is taken by his charm, and believes he could be embodiment of the  image she has glimpsed in her mirror for years.  Can these two find true love?

Once Elizabeth is grown and of age to seek a suitor, the story moves along swiftly.  She meets the handsome Duke of Whitewood at a party, and sparks ignite. The Duke, aka Captain Jack is hard-pressed to learn more of Elizabeth’s life before giving in to his heart. A family secret forces Jack to thwart Elizabeth’s attempts of affection, frustrating her. The courtship, a major factor in the book, does not fully develop before one finds the couple in the library tearing each other’s clothes off in a heated moment. The next minute, Elizabeth’s father declares the two must marry, which makes the story seem awkwardly rushed. Lovers of time travel will adore the heroine and hero, cheering them on to a happy ever after!

Layne Lancaster