Species Traitor

Kate L.

SCI-FI:  The Veilorians landed on Earth 22 years ago in hopes of finding a new place to call home. However, most humans do not welcome the invaders and the more time that goes by the more the hostility towards them grows. Ava, along with her cousin Ione, is among the few humans who see the Veilorians for what they truly are: people of a different race just trying to survive.  When Ava meets Finn, a half-human, she knows her life will never be the same.  As the election of a new mayor, a radical with extreme ideas, draws closer, and tensions rise even higher, Ava must choose between the safety of the crowd and what she knows to be right, even if it means being branded a “Species Traitor.”

“Species Traitor” breathes new life into the dystopian genre, delivering an exciting and emotional journey for the readers.  The description of the world, the people—Veilorians and humans alike—and the emotional state of the characters is so well executed one will feel as if they have stepped right into the story. The tension, the worry, and the unknown, is well broken up with moments and brief glimpses of peace and joy, so the entire experience is not heavy.  Readers who do not enjoy a cliffhanger ending would be advised to wait to pick up this book until the next in the series is available.  For readers searching for an incredibly well-written science fiction novel set in a dystopian world, this is the next series they will want to pick up.

Amy Cefoldo