Shield Bearer


SCI-FI:  As systems expand and technologies grow, fortunes are made and lives are lost as the race for supremacy intensifies. Lillian is right in the middle of the fight!  Once no more than a disgraced bond servant but with a genius mind and a kind heart, Lillian now finds herself second only to Lucius in power over the cartel he commands. While it is her quick thinking and intelligence that has placed them in position to rise to preeminence over the entire 12 systems, there are those who would prefer to see her eliminated, and Lucius disgraced. With despoilers reigning mayhem from without, and corruption eating away from within, Lillian must uncover the plots that hold their future in the balance. Little do she and Lucius know, however, that much of the destruction comes from those closest to them. 

Hold on to your hats readers, because this series is un-put-downable, and this installment produces nail-biting pleasure! Admittedly, the book is not a stand-alone, as reading previous installments is requisite to completely understand the events and emotions that are so riveting. Still, it is well worth the time to invest because the Twelve Systems is arguably one of the most intelligently written and undoubtedly riveting space-operas out there. The story starts with action and suspense, then slows almost into a mystery as Lillian and her friends work diligently to uncover the corruption that is destroying their universe. It isn’t a book for mindless reading pleasure, but one that requires thinking and plotting right along with the characters. For superb sci-fi intrigue with swoon-worthy romance, this is definitely one to read! 

Ruth Lynn Ritter