Shadow of the Eclipse


TIME TRAVEL:  Callum MacGregor is the only one in Crossroads who is not excited about the town harvest festival, or the total eclipse that will happen during the festivities. His plan is to avoid all the merriment entirely, until his friend and old law partner, Isaac, shows up at his office with a tale so mysterious he must figure out what it means. After being fired, Meg has no idea what she will do next, until a mysterious letter arrives offering her a job. The only requirement—drive to Crossroads and attend the Harvest Festival. When Meg and Cal’s paths cross at the entrance of the corn maze, they don’t know they are about to embark on the journey of a lifetime—and throughout time—in order to fight an ancient evil ready to break through during the eclipse. 

A twist on a time-travel fantasy novel, “Shadow of the Eclipse” will send readers on a journey they will not be able to put down. The set up for the adventure and getting Cal and Meg together takes time, which some readers may find drags down the pacing. Once the adventure starts, however, the pace goes full-throttle until the final climax. Throughout the entire story, Meg and Cal have a connection and chemistry no matter what time they are in, which creates a great dynamic for readers to enjoy. Ms. Kelley paints a vivid picture for each setting, while also integrating Meg and Cal seamlessly into each new place. Readers who enjoy a great adventure with a little paranormal activity will thoroughly enjoy this story and its characters.

Amy Cefoldo