Searching for My Rogue (Linked across Time #2)


TIME TRAVEL:  Alys Dewitt’s sister has insisted on a Regency-themed wedding when she marries the Duke of Weston at his estate in Kent.  Alys just can’t wait for it all to be over and to return to her surgeon’s job in the States.  However, when she goes for a walk after the ceremony she becomes dizzy and falls over the cliffs, finding herself transported back in time to actual Regency England.  She is discovered by James, Fifth Duke of Weston, who is returning from fighting Napoleon.  When he deduces that Alys is not from his time he believes that the only solution is for them to marry.

Regency and time travel - what a wonderful combination!  Unfortunately, readers will find the time travel method rather weak, although it’s seemingly based on Alice in Wonderland.  One also won’t feel fully immersed in the era, as the characters’ speech and behavior is too modern and there are a few incorrect details and names unsuitable for the period.  Alys and James are rather two-dimensional and the speed at which their feelings develop is unrealistic, as well as appearing to come out of nowhere.  The book works neither as a love story nor a lust story. It has no real depth to it, nor is it helped by a basic writing style where there are issues with tense usage.  The concept of the story is lovely though, and with some reworking this could be a sweet little novel.

Heather Belleguelle