Royals (The Anathergians Trilogy Book 3)

Michelle C.

SCI-FI:  “Royals” is book three in The Anathergians Trilogy and is set in a futuristic world where variants whose engineered DNA causes them to attack humans. Their leader Travik is massing an alien force to take over Earth. The only hope of preventing wholesale slaughter is the Anathergian King, Auden, who currently has his hands full protecting the humans and safeguarding his love, Leah. Book three begins with Leah running from a tracker. The very man terrifying the populace and leveraging his rise on Auden’s downfall is her father. Somehow, she has to find a way to defeat her parent, even if it means using her witch powers.


Leah has found her life mate in Auden. She’s ready to take her place as his queen, but before she can do that, she must train to defeat her father using both her enhanced physical skills and magical ones. Leah embodies the word heroic as she prepares for the ultimate fight.


Auden is an appropriate sovereign and mate with his superior skills, bearing, and the absolute need to protect his love. The man is Grade A alpha and is sure to evoke several sighs. The chemistry between the two of them could short circuit several eBook readers.


Author Reilly brings to life a dark world full of thick forests, rugged terrain, fantastic warriors, and mindless killing machines. This fast-paced novel combines elements of paranormal, sci-fi, and an enormous dollop of romance. Ms. Reilly is an original voice in a world of copy-cats. Readers could benefit by starting with the first book, “Variants” to get more of a feel for the characters.


Morgan Stamm