Rhyolite Drifts: Yellowblown Series - Book 2

J. L.

NEW ADULT:  In the aftermath of an apocalyptic volcanic eruption, Violet Perch's life looks nothing like it used to. Within the span of a few weeks, her college closed its doors, sending its students home, her boyfriend left her behind to find his parents and she was hopelessly stuck on her family farm in the middle of Indiana. Gone was her carefree, Violet-focused existence. She had to step up and help her family to survive in an increasingly inhospitable world. Declining food stores and dwindling natural resources brought danger to her family's door, and without any word from her boyfriend, Violet feared the worst - no man to love, less and less food to eat. With no idea who to trust, their survival looked unlikely. Not to mention the fact that the longer the volcano continued to erupt, the less likely Violet was to ever get her life back.

For this reader post-apocalyptic storylines aren't normally appealing, but "Rhyolite Drifts" this was truly enjoyable! Exciting action, believable characters with authentic voices, as well as an interesting yet terrifying event presents this genre in a new light - instead of shades of never-ending gray without a shred of hope for the people living through it. "Rhyolite Drifts" shows the lighter side, the possibilities hidden within a grave situation. Violet, her family, and community learn to adapt and even thrive.  The encouraging tone as well as her hard-won successes uplifts and encourages the reader to root for the Perches and their small town in Indiana. Both are too hardworking, too noble, and too stubborn to do anything but succeed! 

Amy Willis