Resistance (Hathe #1)

Mary Brock

SCI-FI:  Earth is in trouble: running out of food, energy sources and dealing with severe overpopulation. With the survival of its people, Terrans, put into question, they invaded Hathe, a technologically superior world, for an energy source.  Years later, the Hathian resistance movement is a step away from reclaiming their planet. Marthe is an agent put into the home of a Terran, Hamon Radcliffe, and tasked with learning military secrets. Unfortunately for Marthe, Hamon recognizes her as a former member of the Hathe ruling class. Then, the games of secrets and lies begin as each attempts to do the very best for their planet, even at the price of the love growing between them. 


Brilliant! This book is so epic, poignant, beautifully penned and lovingly crafted that it is a challenge for readers to tear themselves away. It raises the questions of what betrayal and loyalty are, and what happens to love when lies become the language of it. The author managed to present both points of view and place the readers in a dilemma of which is the right one. The push-pull of the relationship and duty was written perfectly. However, the road to love might be too glossed over, considering the weight it carries; especially with the horrible way Hamon treats Marthe when he first captures her. A warning to all readers, there is one scene where sexual assault is described. It's not terribly graphic, but it’s there. Also, the ending could have used another POV for more impact on a worldwide level. All of that does not lessen the desire to have the next book waiting and ready, yesterday if possible!


Mimi Smith