A Question of Time


ALTERNATE HISTORY:  Rassmussen is back from his imprisonment in the tunnel between the worlds and revenge is a dish best served cold.  Nathan Llewellyn knows that this means only danger for himself and his wife Caroline as they were the ones who imprisoned him there.  However, it seems that Rassmussen has more than one target in mind when, in the guise of a magician named Manzini, he kidnaps Thomas Jefferson III, king of the USA.  Lured into a trap by Rassmussen, Nathan soon finds himself imprisoned in an alternate version of the United States with no way home.


Equal parts mystery, paranormal and alternate history; “A Question of Time” is a fun read from beginning to end.  Despite the fact that it is the third in a trilogy of books, the author gives the reader enough grounding in the previous stories to orient themselves into the world of the book without boring exposition.  Caroline and Nathan are great companions throughout the twists and turns of a story that is as full of surprises as the characters that populate it.

Even with the few holes in the plot, this is a refreshing and original take on everything from time travel to shape-shifting creatures. The author’s deft prose is perfectly suited to the narrative and the settings she creates with subtle nuances of tone and mood. “A Question of Time” is not a typical book by any means.  Fast-paced and intelligent, it is a fantastic read in any universe!

Gwenellen Tarbet