Port Hope


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Delta is a strong and persevering mother and widow. He daughter Abigail suffers with a rare form of epilepsy, and Delta must always be prepared with a blanket, change of clothes, water and aspirin. Abby is very self-conscious and never likes it when she seizes in front of others. Delta has been able to learn medical transcribing and work from home which also allows her to home school Abby. When her mother-in-law begins to threaten her and say she can afford the best doctors and treatment for her granddaughter, Delta panics and decides to flee. She inherited a cottage in Port Hope, Texas and prays she can fly under the radar. She did not expect to be welcomed and cared for so quickly among strangers.

“You can’t stop life from happening, Delta. But you can start to enjoy it.” Ms. Autrey has written a warm and endearing story with a plot that will have readers fully engaged and unable to put the book down until the last page has turned. The characters are slowly woven into the tale at an enjoyable pace. They are tight knit group but very accepting of Delta and her daughter. Readers may not agree with the fleeing, but in Delta’s shoes, many moms may feel like it’s the only option. This is a short quick read, and readers may feel like it ends way too quickly. This sweet, clean novel is wonderful in many, many ways and readers will surely be wanting for more of Delta and Coffee!

Viola Robins