Planet of the Supreme Predatory Octopus

Daniel H.

ALIENS:  “Planet” is a stream-of-consciousness tale about the lives of alien octopi, called the Calamaris.  The primary activity of the Calamaris is cannibalism of their young.  A Calamari mother will have several thousand offspring in her life time, but she is only allowed to raise two.  It is common for infant octopi to be eaten by their parents, or anyone else if their parents haven’t done so already.  Elder Calamaris are also subject to the same fate, especially if they are getting on in years, and appear to be failing.  They will have their tentacles bitten off one by one, and then the rest of them will be eaten.  Calamaris do have a somewhat advanced form of civilization, and they enjoy travel in the galaxy.  Unfortunately, there is the constant threat of being attacked and eaten, whether you are male or female, young or old.  

“Planet” is a wordy discourse about the lives of alien octopi.  There are no particular characters or storyline to follow.  There is the occasional reference to someone named “Daniel” or “Danny”; it may be the author as observer in his own story.  Prior editing would have resolved spelling and usage errors.  There is an abundance of sci-fi verbiage which lends an authenticity to the tale, but was difficult to follow.  For those with a technical mind set, “Planet” offers a detailed look into the lives of an alien race and their struggle to survive.

Victoria Z. Burg