The Pirate Queen: A Time Travel Fantasy Romance (Dark Tides Book 2)


TIME TRAVEL:  Dianna Cobham never meant to return to the future and abandon Captain “Devil-Eyed” Barrett, the love of her life, and their crew to the whims of the evil Maria and Eric Cobham, so when she suddenly finds herself injured and back home in the future, her only thought is returning to the past. Finding a way back comes with a price however, and when she’s told her ship “The Devil’s Heart” and its crew lies on the ocean floor, she finds herself despondent over living without her true love. Fortunately, new friends appear to support her, and when whispers reach her that Captain Barrett might still live, Dianna will face hell and high water to get him back. 

A time traveling romance that will give “Outlander” a run for its money, “The Pirate Queen” is the second book in the “Dark Tides” series and picks up the action and adventure right where the previous book left off and runs with it. Full of romance, adventure, a quirky cast, and time travel shenanigans, the plot is quick-paced, the romance smoldering, and adventure reminiscent of “Pirates of the Caribbean” with future ramifications adding to the tale and pushing it forward. While, the story is very much a middle-of-the-series book, with some predictable moments, riding on the development of the first book and setting the stage for the third, it does avoid a cliff hanger, and has enough oomph in itself to keep the reader entertained. Overall, this is a roaring good time travel adventure that should feature on any to-read list of fans of time travel, pirates, and romance!

Sarah E Bradley