Paris Time (Lost in Time Book 2)

Belle Ami

TIME TRAVEL: An independent young dermatologist, Jenne Lazaar, is visiting the Met in New York with her best friends, Emily and Gabriella. She is captivated by–and then swept into–one of a trio of Allegretto’s paintings, straight into the turn of the 20th century! Landing amid the wreckage in Paris during the Exposition Universelle with no money or identification, Jenne must figure out how to get back to present-day New York. Xavier Doumaz works for the French police. He is suspicious of Jenee’s sudden appearance at a crime scene, with unconventional clothes and speech. His attraction to her is undeniable and clouds his judgment, but a deeper and more sinister plot is afoot. Will Jenee be able to solve the mystery and return home? Dare she bring the handsome Xavier into her confidence?

The author paints a vivid picture of Paris in 1900, with the heroine landing in the middle of an historic moment during the Paris exhibition. The research and attention to detail on the factual accounts and related events pull the reader in, weaving a magical spell of possibilities, including encounters with well-known artists of the time. It is an enthralling read that will certainly make the reader wish they could travel in time as well! The intricate plot lines may be a little confusing for readers at times if the preceding novel has not been read. The encounters ‌ feel a little contrived at times, as does the meeting with her benefactor so early on. Perhaps the story could have expanded on the friends’ relationships and plot lines and why these girls were chosen. Nevertheless, “Paris Time” is an enchanting walk through the past for fans of historical and time travel fiction.   

Rika Chandra